At the Capitol, every vote is for you. Outside of the Capitol, I work and volunteer in the community and I answer when you call. I make every attempt to be available to help you work through any concern or situation. 


My Mission

My mission started out as being your State Representative. Then I turned into your friend. My goal, is to continue to do a good job, as promised. Let me highlight a few key moments at the Capitol.

  • For the vote on the Hope Scholarship; I was in direct contact  with the Student Government Association at Clayton State University, the University in my district. The SGA body and officers, together we discussed the best way to vote and the best way to tackle the issue. Shortly thereafter, I voted the way I said I would.
  • When a tax increase was being voted on; you- the citizens, called me and voiced your concern against it; and I completely agreed with you, I voted NO.
  • When reproductive rights were being challenged; women and (men) said they wanted government to leave the bodies of women alone; and I agreed; I voted no.
  • When you said that you wanted a solution to the performance of children in the school system along with a way to ensure that children with discipline problems in school are properly punished while put on a path to success; I drafted House Resolution 1277 to start the process. The bill would start the study committee on the creation of a Juvenile Expulsion School, which would deter juveniles from recommitting crimes and circumvent them from going into the juvenile detention center. 
  • HB 1140- Ethics in Government Bill, placing limits on lobbying gifts. (co-sponsored)

  • HB 992- Raises the drop out age of juveniles from 16 to 18 years old.  (authored)

  • HB 983- Family Violence Order protections; makes it where anyone who takes out a family violence order against another person, has to abide by the same restrictions imposed by the judge. Ensuring that neither party in the domestic situation will not hurt one another nor disrupt either party’s lifestyles until which time the judge finalizes all court proceedings or until the domestic situation has been resolved in a civil manner. (authored)

  • SB 80- collecting of DNA for Felony Offenses; aides in investigation and more efficient solving of heinous crimes such as murder, and rape; which other wise would take years to prosecute and give the victims of such crimes peace of heart and mind. (cosponsored)

  • HR 1829- Sheriff Deputy Rick Daly, commending the service of fallen law enforcement officer and inviting his department and his family to the Capitol to be honored (authored)

  • HR 1178- Commending Clayton County Teacher Shekema Silveri for receiving the $25, 000 Milken Educator Award, and being one of the top teachers in the United States (co-sponsored)

  • HB 196- Search Warrant video conference; allows for search warrants conducted via video conference and essentially signed by the judge; to not be challenged in the event that there is a glitch in the system or video; that is not intentional nor the fault of the state. It ensures that testimony on a potentially corrupt video still be admissible in court. (co-sponsored)

  • HB 1116- the controversial Anti-Vasectomy Bill, which earned nationwide and international news, including being featured on, but not limited to; CNN, CBS “The Doctors” show, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, Current TV, EBONY, BET, Jezebel Magazine, V103, 102.5, National Public Radio, Huffington Post, going viral on YouTube, trending on Twitter; and countless news media outlets in the United States and abroad.

    The bill was drafted as a response to the controversial GA Abortion Bill which impeded upon women’s reproductive rights in GA and made no exceptions nor consideration for victims of rape, incest, nor mental state. It also did not consider the fact that all counties in GA do not have OBGYN’s which makes receiving medical attention even more difficult within the shorter time frame that the new abortion bill allows. (authored)

Im so proud of you for stepping up for women and for future generations” -Kristen

”My name is Nick, I’m not one of your constituents, but Im calling from Texas to give you my support” ~Nick (Texas)

”There are people around the country that support you and we want to thank you for doing this (proposing legislation)” ~Anonymous Caller

”This is Patrice calling from Omaha, Nebraska...wanting to let Representative Neal know that I am very proud of her, and there are a lot of women in the country that are behind you. It was just what the doctor ordered” ~Patrice (Nebraska)

What I've Achieved

  • Girls Self Defense Class
  • Partnered with Barnes and Noble and brought 1000 books to local local preschools for Christmas
  • Helped a cancer patient in the district receive assistance.
  • Supported good legislation at the Capitol
  • Donated food and supplies to schools in the county.
  • Went into schools and taught children the importance of dialing 911.
  • Helped a military family in the area with assistance.
  • Helped a citizen make contact with a department head and resolve overpayment to a state department